Sunday, February 15, 2009

The rest of the NBA stuff...

Rookie Chalenge

So Durant really is on fire this weekend, scoring 46 in this game. But am I the only one who really doesn't care about this game? It has never excited me. I used to watch when it was all rookies, but I was way more into the NBA back then. I think it's the sophomores that bore me, honestly. What if the rookies played NBA alumni? I'd love to see Reggie Miller hoop it up for one game to school some kids who were probably playing Playstation and not even watching Miller play 10 years ago. Speaking of which...

Celebrity Game

Did you see Majerle and Wilkins? They can still play a little. This game is fun and T.O. is an amazing basketball player.

Shooting Stars

I like this game as well. I love Dan Majerle and he almost pulled it out here. But... aren't these the same teams we had last year? Doesn't anyone else want to play? And aren't we supposed to hate Bill Laimbeer? When did he become so beloved? I guess Dennis Rodman is next!

Skills Challenge

I like Derrick Rose a lot. I don't know if I like the jump shot because I think if you're the best dribbler and passer, you shouldn't lose this competition because of the jump shot. Maybe they could take three shots maximum and get a 2-second penalty if they don't make it. I don't know. But what about that dunk at the end! Which leads us to...

Slam Dunk Contest

Still fun. I don't like how they get so many chances to fail. But it all works out. Jumping over Superman was excellent! Oh and I like Dwight Howard even more after this. It was like he was helping his little brother or something.

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