Sunday, February 15, 2009

Was there really a National Anthem at Daytona?

Did that Gavin whatshisname guy just like whisper the anthem? Mrs. Wedge tells me he got his 'start' cause he did the theme for "One Tree Hill" (the current unrealistic high-school WB-CW TV show).

Sure whatever, but I mean.. I hope that dude lost his voice or something, and people usually complain about singers who go way over the top, but man I don't think I've ever seen someone go almost non-existent on an anthem before. If that's how he regularly "sings" I imagine he is one heck of a pain in the butt for sound technicians.

And since Ron made a pick for Daytona (see below) I figure I'll go for one too. I'm going to predict Montoya, because of all the guys out there fans most likely don't root for he has one of the best chances; and if he pulls it off, he'll of course be one of the very few drivers to pick up a Daytona 500 along with Indy 500, Daytona 24 Hours wins etc., and yet that still won't stop him from being unhappy post-race.

Mrs. Wedge is predicting Kyle Busch (cause of the fan-dislike); she's also predicting 18 cautions!?

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Mike said...

That Gavin dude is pretty big. But yeah, I don't like him at all. But I'm not an 18-25 year old chick.