Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 MLB Preview: Anaheim Angels

Anaheim Angels

IF (3/5) - OK, I don't know about Kendry Morales and Izturis's AVG and OBP are going in the wrong direction over the past few seasons. (Same for DH Rivera.) But Figgins and Napoli are pretty good and I'd like to see what Kendrick can do with a whole season as a full-time starter.

OF (5/5) - Wow. Abreu-Hunter-Guerrero. Plus Matthews as a back-up. Great OF.

SP (3.5/5) - Lackey, Santana, Weaver, and Saunders are such a good 1-4, when Santana is healthy. While he's out, they'll have some young guys competing for spots. Looks like Moseley and Adenhart have the edge. Escobar could be back at some point.

RP (4/5) - Pretty deep, especially at the top with Fuentes, Shields, Arredondo, and oliver. Speier's ERA was a little high. Jepsen could be pretty good.

Wildcards: Aybar, Escobar, Jepsen

[Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on your team. I think it's fun to do this stuff before a season starts and then see how close (or how far off) I was. If you spend time from your day insulting us, telling others to insult us, or posting in a blog or messageboard about how wrong our opinions are, then we are flattered!]

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