Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a few notes

So I went from my kids being sick to being sick myself. I've pretty much been in bed since Friday night and managed to watch lots of Spring Training, college basketball, NBA, and World Baseball Classic. Here are a few notes from the past few days:

- The Bills were not on my T.O. list and I don't think it's a great match. But you have to admire their effort and their wise decision to make it a one-year deal. At 6.5 million, there's not much to lose here.

- The Big East Tournament will be very interesting, as the 9-16 seeds would have to win five games to take the championship, while the 1-4 seeds would only need to win three.

- Matt Jones likes his cocaine more than he likes his football.

- I am convinced that the Clippers never actually win a game, but rather there is a league-wide conspiracy to hide this fact by giving them wins in the standings.

- Last time, when USA lost in the World Baseball Classic earlier than expected, it was all you could hear about. Now that they won their first two games this year, you wouldn't even know they were playing. We only like upsets. Go Dutch guys!

- While our Catamounts were swept at Ole Miss to start their season 0-6, they did manage to make Sunday's game close, losing 3-2. That's encouraging. Look for the first win of the season (hopefully!!) to come in this week's RussMatt Central Florida Invitational, where our team plays today and every day through Saturday.

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