Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Has our March Madness Champion Already Been Decided?

I'm not sure if anyone else was listening to Mike & Mike this morning but they did a very interesting and intriguing talk about March Madness.

Some stat & historian gurus gave us 8 or so stats that ALL of the 25+ previous NCAA basketball champions had. Then the Mikes took those things and applied them to the entire field; and of the field, only 2 teams qualify: Louisville & North Carolina.

They were all pretty relevant relevant, a few I remember:

-No National Champ has shot below 40% from the field for the season.

-No National. Champ has come from a conference that only qualified 1 team

-No National Champ has had a losing record against Top 50 teams.

-No National Champ had a coach who had never previously been to the Sweet Sixteen.

Unfortunately I can't remember them all (if anyone else was listening and remembers any fill em in). So what do you guys think, is one of those 2 teams our national champion or is history made to be changed?

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