Monday, March 23, 2009

The Worlds of IndyCar & Rock-n-Roll Collide at VERSUS

Time and again VERSUS is showing fans of IndyCar racing that it is truly committed to being a partner for the series. So far we've gotten teaser spots for roughly 2 .5 months now; full 30 second commercials for a month; 3 of 4 one-hour specials, billboards, magazines and more. Well while this doesn't target Indy Cars alone; I have to be honest; this may be one of the best sports pieces done in a long while:

My favorite is the great line that sums up exactly why everyone, everywhere loves and watches sports:
"What the odds don't know is that this isn't a math test. This is a completely different kind of test. One where passion has a funny way of trumping logic."

So while this spot and many others are still hitting on the Comcast owned networks (I haven't seen them outside those yet, let me know if you do); We get more word about the previous spots and intent for continuing marketing/PR to be done through VERSUS via TVWeek:

"'The images are selected “to bring attention to the speed and danger, It’s a unique type of racing and a lot of great personalities.'
Versus will capture those personalities in subsequent spots that focus on drivers including Danica Patrick, Scott Dixon, Graham Rahal and Tony Kanaan.
Those spots are being made by Henry Alex Rubin, whose credits include the documentary feature 'Murderball,' about quadriplegics who play wheelchair rugby. 'We hired him to spend time with the drivers and get some insights into who they are,' Mr. Bergofin said.
Online, Versus is launching 'Indy Rock,' which will tie together racing with popular culture. Among its features are driver playlists and rock bands talking about their love of IndyCar racing."

Here's hoping we find out someone in the field is listening to Yanni & Kenny G, though in honesty I am curious to see what they listen to as all the drivers come from very diverse backgrounds.

So.... just chalk those up next to the news and video on their website and everything else they have done so far. We're all still waiting to see what qualifying & race coverage holds, but so far VERSUS is playing a great game.

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The SpeedGeek said...

Dude, after watching that clip, I feel like running through a wall. Of course, I'm going to continue sitting on my couch, surfing, but it's the thought that counts. Awesome.