Sunday, March 1, 2009

My weekend of failure (so far...)

OK, so the Furious Wedge adopted the Vermont Catamounts as our official college baseball team for the 2009 season (though we will also closely follow our traditional favorites LSU, UNO, USM, and others). Then I found out our team was opening their season against Vanderbilt right here in Nashville! Well, let me tell you what doesn't go well with college baseball: sick kids, rain, snow.

On Friday night I came home and my son had 103 fever. Knowing he was out for the game on Saturday, I called and confirmed with my dad. I logged on and watched Friday night's game online and it was entertaining enough, especially until the 7th inning, when Vanderbilt broke a 1-1 tie with 3 runs. But the Catamounts had a chance in the 8th, scoring a run and putting runners on 1st and 3rd. But they couldn't score any more runs and then things fell apart in the bottom of the 8th. In one half of an inning, we were treated to a HBP, a walk, a pick-off, a balk, a passed ball, and 3 more runs scored. Vandy won 7-2.

I woke up Saturday and ended up spending all morning at a health clinic, grocery stores, and drug stores. It was raining and sleeting with snow coming soon, so I assumed no baseball would be played. I settled in for the LSU-Kentucky basketball game and found out this morning that they somehow played a baseball game out there. I would assume the field was pretty sloppy and that it was freezing for everyone involved. So that will be my excuse for why our team was slaughtered 14-3, without even a hit through nearly 7 innings.

Now as I type this, about 5 hours from today's scheduled first pitch, everything in my neighborhod is covered in snow. My son is still sick and I honestly don't know if I'll attempt to make it out there today or not. But I assure you coverage will last all season long, using radio and television broadcasts as much as possible. This team will go down fighting and we'll be here to document it. Look for player and coach highlights in addition to other features.

Go Catamounts!

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