Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six teams for Terrell Owens

OK, I had a whole post typed up and then it got lost. Then I heard two different sports talk shows doing the same thing. So I'm just going to go ahead and post my list. I think each scenario would make sense to anyone who follows the NFL, so I won't go into any details about why I think these teams would work. Like always, I welcome and encourage discussions through comments.

Here is my list of the six teams that could/should sign T.O.

1. Miami Dolphins
2. Minnesota Vikings
3. New Orleans Saints
4. New York Giants
5. San Diego Chargers
6. Washington Redskins

Of course, after watching him ball it up at All-Star Weekend the last two years, maybe NBA teams should join in as well...


Mike said...

Yes I've seen this article. And I only believe one or two of the teams (besides Dallas) are 100% sincere. Obviously no one wants trouble. But teams sign trouble-makers every single year. They all want to win and if they believe T.O. can work well with their QB and help them get to the next level, they'll do it.

FuriousDeuce said...

You should've included teams from North America on this list.