Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "Tom Brady" Rule

The NFL has put in place yet another new rule to protect the quarterback. The change, now known as the "Brady Rule" prohibits a rushing defender from forcibly hitting the knee area or below of a passer who has one or both feet on the ground, even if the initial contact is above the knee. I'm going to need a little more clarification on this rule before I can pass full judgment. It's been stated that it is not a penalty if a player is blocked or pushed into the quarterback, but what if a downed defensemen swipes at scrambling QB's ankles as he runs by?

I understand that quarterbacks are the highest paid athletes in the NFL and are the faces of most franchises but how long will it be before they are all wearing red practice jerseys on Sundays? It wouldn't surprise me that before the owner's meetings let out, they have forced Giselle Bunchden to sign a waiver declaring that she will never EVER make wittle Tommy Boy cwy. Seriously, I wouldn't put it past Patriots owner Robert Kraft to protect his golden boy from villainous German supermodels anyway he could. This is a direct quote from the article linked above (I kid you not)...

"He looks like a stud," Kraft said. "He almost looks more broad, more filled out. He has an infectious personality that is so charismatic and contagious."

Additionally, this is the 2nd rule change caused by Tommy Boy, for what it's worth. More to come?


The American Mutt said...

It's getting to the point where you can't even breathe on a quarterback. During the Pittsburgh San Diego game Pollyuma jumped to try and tip a pass, barely grazed Rivers helmet, and they called roughing the passer because you can't touch their head at all, but I mean really. It didn't even move his head.

Allen Wedge said...

I still think my favorite call of all last year was the roughing the passer "hit" on Kerry Collins, even though there was a false start and the play was already dead.

Anonymous said...

Really, my favorite was the awful fake spin and fall down dive Kerry Collins pulled against the Bears, it was the most blatant flop ever I'm shocked Shaq didn't comment on how lame it was.

Mike said...

OK, from what I understand, this rule is more about a defensive player who is DOWN then lunging forward (with much force, of course) at the QBs knee area. Swiping/grabbing is fine. You just can't lunge your body into a knee.

If I understand the rule correctly, then I agree with it. If you're down, linemen are a lot les likely to be able to protect the QB at that point.

If you're telling me it should be OK to hit the deck and then pop back up and aim for a knee, then it should also be legal for an offensive lineman to just belly-flop right on top of you once you're down.

It's the OL's job to protect the QB and they should have that opportunity. By design, they're not able to block big, fast guys coming from the GROUND.


Unknown said...

But it's a CONTACT sport! These guys should be getting hit by down defensive linemen if that's where their offensive linemen pushed them. Maybe they should just make a rule that says quarterbacks get pink vests and aren't allowed to be hit.

Yet, a quarterback can still run the ball... they can catch the ball... they can block...



Mike said...

Nope, you're not being consistent. Can an OL guy simply push an opponent in the back to protect his QB? Nope. That's a penalty.

If you support all hits on the QB, then you should also be asking for a change in the rule about blocks in the back.

Why are we protecting the defensive players trying to hit the QB? They're big boys.

The day that the OL is allowed to hold and block any way possible, then I will agree that the defense should be allowed to hit and tackle in any way possible.

KB said...

Who's German? Gisele is from Brazil.