Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A1GP has a new season finale... again...

As expected by everyone; A1GP has announced that they will be canceling their again rescheduled and relocated Mexico City round due to the Influenza breakout in Mexico right now. This, of course, means that overnight this weekends race at Brands Hatch in Great Britain has once again become the end of the current season.

It also means we've gone from 6/7 teams mathematically in the hunt for the championship to three: Switzerland, Ireland & Portugal. While this royally stinks for Team Netherlands, who overnight just got knocked out, it does however mean that the points championship WILL come down to the final Feature Race as none of the final 3 eligible teams should be able to clinch the championship with a Sprint Race win.

I imagine many of the teams will just be happy for this season and all its craziness to just be over; and many fans, teams and more will be very interested to see how A1GP moves forward from this horribly rocky season. Lets at least hope they are done with chassis changes (that knock teams out who don't get pieces/parts in time), and lets REALLY hope they are done with booking venues that are not yet completed; and lets look forward to one final weekend of hopefully good racing.

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