Saturday, April 25, 2009

Filling the Spectrum of Possibilities

Ok, I was thinking all morning about how to make the appropriate Brewers joke for this piece; and after all that thinking, there need not be a joke:
The Brewers have traded a player to the Detroit Tigers in return for nothing!

No wonder their fans are pissed off when we called them good.

Now from the world of, holy cow will anything ever go right, news. We've reported here in the past on how A1GP has lost their race in Indonesia, the cars almost got stuck in Malaysia, Mexico city got double booked with a Radiohead concert, then Mexico City got canceled all together, then Canada was getting a race, then Canada wasn't getting a race, then Mexico city got a new date and track to become the new '08-'09 finale on the same day as the Indy 500.... well as you guessed, here is more silly news via A1GP.

As you may or may not have heard; there was a possible reported breakout of a bad virus in Mexico since early March; but as of yet it had not been entirely proven. Now though it seems as though officials are starting to connect the dots on some unfortunate people who have passed, from what looks to all be a result of this virus, and they are now testing more, and closing down schools, museums and beginning a giant vaccination campaign to get it under control.

In short, the motorsports world is expecting an announcement from A1GP next weekend at Brands Hatch, that the U.K. leg will be the final leg of A1GP's '08-'09 season with the cancellation of Mexico City due to the medical outbreak. At this point, one would have to assume that A1GP or at least the teams just want this season to be over with so they can wait for a more concrete, hopefully, '09-'10 season.

Last time we gave a decent report on what exactly we're going to see during the month of May in the paint liveries so far. Since then we've been happily surprised at the announcements coming in from quite a few places:

-Starting with finally getting our first look at the new #67 Sarah Fisher machine. Its not a large change from her finishing 2008 look, but does have slight different like the Direct Supply and a slight bit more of yellow, and a different coloring to the back wing end-plate. Thumbs up for a unique and good looking car, and a huge thumbs up to the team for going fully all out on bringing the livery to their trailer; nothing exudes professionalism like good looking materials.

-A move in the right direction but still a little boring is Milka Duno coming to the #23 DRR entry this week with CITGO on the side. I much better like the white lettering on the blue side, because it allows the car to be more blue than r/w/b it used to be, but I'm not entirely sure how much of it just has to do with it being the scheme they had for Darren Manning/Charter thus far, and it may even change for the Month of May.

-Next we'll follow up, and are sad to report, that Marco Andretti will not be sporting a "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" livery like we wildly theorized. Instead it looks like the team will be joining the energy drink revolution with Venom Energy Drink (Dr. Pepper's energy drink) jumping on Marco's car for a majority of the rest of the season. We're EXTREMELY happy to report that the car is not red/white/blue; and are also happy to report that it definitely is unique with its black in a red puddle of blood type look.

-Next lets take a look at... holy f'n crap, Davey Hamilton's car looks freaking sweet! Unique, yes. Good Looking, hell yes! Almost 500 times better than the boring 2008 look, and still 100 times better than the 2007 look. Personally if I were HP I think I'd want a more readable logo while its on the track but that's a small issue, purely from an aesthetic view, this is definitely Top 5 in liveries of the year so far. Only wish a paint job like this were here all year. Excellent use of the rarely seen silver color, excellent use of fading, and very excellent use of sponsor colors throughout car (# being blue in front etc). We'll be hugely happy to see this car in the field.

We'll have word on it soon, but word came out that Dario is running a blue car this weekend in Kansas sponsored by Nicorette.

UPDATE: We've got a look at the Nicorette car, pretty sweet, but then again I don't think I've ever seen a TCGR livery we didn't like.

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