Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kimbo gets Ultimate Chance

Kimbo Slice will finally get a crack at the UFC. It was reported yesterday that Slice (real name: Kevin Ferguson) is slated to compete as a contestant on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (SpikeTV). The show will feature 16 heavyweights competing for a six figure deal in the UFC. There will be a slight difference this time around from the last few seasons of TUF; the fighters will not be requried to fight their way into the house. The 16 fighters that will appear this season have already been chosen for the series.

UFC president Dana White has repeatedly bashed Slice in the past claiming that he was not a real fighter and would get absolutely murdered if he competed against the UFC's competition. Well, Dana has found yet another win-win situation for himself and the UFC. If Slice fails on the reality show and is beaten by fighters with sub-par skills compared to those at the top of UFC's heavyweight division, White is completely justified in his past remarks. If Slice has improved over the time since his embarassing loss to Seth Petruzelli and fights his way into the finale, White has an excuse to sign what is sure to be a huge draw to his MMA franchise. I despised Slice, not because of what he was trying to become, but because unknowledgable, casual MMA fans saw him as the face of MMA. I still do not believe that he belongs anywhere near the discussion of legit heavyweight fighters and the sham that was his Elite XC career did not help him, but that being said, I'm not rooting against him. Will a little part of me smile inside if he gets embarrased by someone noone's ever heard of? Maybe, it wouldn't be the first time it happened. I can't really say, but right now, I'm hoping that he has improved and can legitimately compete in the UFC. His appeal has worn off since his first bout with Elite XC but there's still the possibility that he brings more attention to one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. That's good for the UFC and it's good for its fans.

Season 10 of TUF: The Return of Rampage and Rashad

Season 10 of the UFC's very reality show is already causing quite the stir. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has opted to forgo a title match with new light heavyweight champion, Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida, and instead declared that he'd like to be a coach, for the second time, on The Ultimate Fighter. Jackson will be coaching against "Sugar" Rashad Evans, the man he was supposed to fight for the LHW championship before a lingering jaw injury (suffered at the hands of Wanderlei Silva) kept him from action. Evans won season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter as a heavyweight and is returning to the show for the first time, following the loss of his first title defense against Machida. Both men are still very much in the mix for the UFC light heavyweight championship and the winner of their December bout, following the finale of season 10 of TUF, will most definitely get their shot at the title. The fans are already gearing up for what could be the most watched season of TUF since its inception. Between the mystery of Kimbo's inevitable rise or fall and the fireworks between these two coaches, I know that I'll be tuning in.

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