Monday, June 8, 2009

Tom Glavine

Wow, that was a pretty good sports weekend, especially yesterday. My Cubs knocked off the Reds in the 14th in Cincy to take the series. Furious Wedge Alma Mater USM upset Florida to get to the College World Series. The Lakers beat the Magic in OT to take Game 2. Some dudes drove cars really fast, some dudes punched each other in the face a lot, and some dudes played what I thought was called tennis, but was apparently a "different sport" (some lady on ESPN Radio) because the ground is different. (Wedge and I agree that it would only be a "different sport" if there were marbles on the ground and various linemen could sack the tennis players.)

But my favorite story of the weekend has to be the Tom Glavine story. Now, I like Glavine. I grew up as a Cubs fan, but watched a lot of Braves with my Grandpa. Greg Maddux is my all-time favorite pitcher and I really appreciated what the Braves, especially those pitchers, were able to do for 15 years or so. But Tom Glavine, to me, is being a BABY right now.

In that article, AP Sports Writer Charles Odum writes: "Glavine said Friday he believes he was released for financial reasons." What? Really? That might be the dumbest thing a professional athlete has said in like... a week! Of course it's financial! If Glavine refused his salary, I'm sure he'd have a much better chance of staying on the team. That article refers to a $1 million bonus but the total deal for the season could've been worth over $3 million. If you replace him on your roster with a rookie or another player with much less experience, of course you are saving money.

Tom Glavine: If someone had offered me a Lexus for the price of my Kia, guess what I'd be driving right now!

So now Glavine may file a grievance. (By the way, Tom, that doesn't sound very scary or intimidating or at all like a good revenge plan. Joining the Cubs and leading them to a World Series would be much more effective.) I think the Braves should file a return grievance at Tom Glavine for two reasons:

1. Glavine left the Braves for FIVE SEASONS.

2. He came BACK to the Braves last year and posted a 2-4 record with a 5.54 ERA in only 63 innings.

Seriously, I heard Glavine compared to Cal Ripken this weekend. And I guess I just forgot that Ripken played for the Yankees for five seasons before coming back to the Orioles. Only he didn't, cause that would be ridiculous. But Glavine DID do that. He left for five seasons, came back, pitched terribly, and now is crying about loyalty.

That's it. I've had it. The Furious Wedge (if Wedge agrees) officially files a grievance with Tom Glavine for being a sissy baby baseball player.

(I will remove the grievance when Glavine signs with the Cubs as a reliever/emergency starter.)

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