Friday, August 7, 2009

Onward to Mid-Ohio

In just a short while Mrs. Wedge, a friend and I will be taking a 7 hour road-trip to this weekend's festivities in Lexington, Ohio. What more could you ask for really? American LeMans Series, Atlantics, Indy Lights & IndyCar all in the same place for one weekend, ridiculous.

Because I'm traveling with a crew this weekend, I'll be doing things non-credentialed, so that means I won't have regular PC access at the track. So while I won't be able to give the big detailed/picture-filled updates via posts during the action, definitely look for constant updates via twitter as usual; and then look for a good ole swarm of pictures & notes for nightcaps.

Looking forward to a first trip to Mid-Ohio!

p.s. help Ron figure out the best revenge for Prince Fielder below, we've only had 1 comment/submission (albeit a very good one) so far.

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Pat W said...

Enjoy the weekend! The IRL/ALMS double-header looks fantastic, especially with Lights/Atlantics on board as well.