Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prince Fielder: Plans for Revenge

So, Prince Fielder tried to storm the Dodgers clubhouse so he could get to Guillermo Mota. I guess Prince didn't like being hit by Mota's fastball. Hell, no one would like that. That's not cool. Prince should definitely get revenge.

But how?

You can't just charge into that man's locker room. I know Prince is a Brewer (and we all know Brewers aren't so smart) but surely we can come up with something a little more discreet to show Mota that Prince, and his fellow sub-.500 Brewers, mean business!

Keep in mind, these guys aren't even very good at playing baseball. So we need to come up with plans that will be easily carried out. Here are three simple solutions for our vegetarian homerun derby champ:

3. He could rap about Mota. You know, like Shaq did to Kobe.

2. He could get the Burger King to come with him into Mota's room and wake him with an air horn! This, of course (as the video shows), leads to late-night action with two dudes in a bed.

1. He could have Ryan Braun kneel down behind Mota and then push him over!

Any other suggestions?


Dale Nixon said...

I'd suggest that Prince sneak into the Dodgers locker room dressed in one of those sausage costumes (say a bratwurst), then unleash the furies.

Mike said...

Great idea Dale! Only problem is if the Prince catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror dressed that way, we may end up with a repeat of the tale of Narcissus! He'll be stuck forever, staring into the eyes of the most beautiful creature ever to walk the earth.