Monday, August 3, 2009

Ramirez vs. Holliday

I continue to hear analysts claim that Matt Holliday was
the biggest acquisition at the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. While Holliday is a great player (as are Lugo and DeRosa who typically aren't being given the credit they deserve in these discussions) and it's obvious the Cardinals are trying to stay on top of the NL Central, I think analysts are overlooking the impact the Cubs will feel from Aramis Ramirez.

Keep in mind, the Cardinals had to give up three prospects. One of the prospects, Brett Wallace, was the team's first pick in the 2008 draft after he was named Pac-10 player of the year twice. The Oakland A's are great at making these deadline deals and, to me, easily won in this trade.

The Cubs, on the other hand, are currently benefitting from the return of Aramis Ramirez. No prospects were given up. Granted the team did give up promising SP Kevin Hart to acquire two pitchers from the Pirates, but a couple of years ago, any team would have coveted Gorzelanny. As for Ramirez, it was just a matter of waiting for him to be healthy.

So since July 24th, when Holliday played his first game for the cardinals, how do the stats compare?

Holliday: .556/3/10
Ramirez: .500/4/13

The impact of these two players seems to be pretty similar, if their personal statistics are any indication. But what about team records since July 24?

Cardinals: 6-4
Cubs: 7-3

Also pretty similar.

The most amazing statistic I have come across though is the fact that since Ramirez returned from the DL, the Cubs' offense has gone from scoring 3.68 runs per game to scoring 5.27 each contest.

I'd be interested to see a similar Cardinals statistic if anyone can find one.

Either way, only one of these teams had to give up three prospects to receive a spark from a star player. I'm glad it wasn't my team!

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