Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes I'm going to say something stupid.

So I haven't been around lately, once again. Mainly this is due to being busy at work. But I think that I must also feel the shame of posting something so stupid!

Look, I just need to accept it. Sometimes I'm going to say things that are absolutely valid and I may predict things that may actually turn out to be true! But I'm also going to say things like this, things that turn out to be so untrue that readers must question my sanity.

However, I decided a while back that if I'm going to commit my time to actually (partially) maintaining a sports blog, then I'm going to take a stand. I'm going to pick issues that interest me, and I'm going to have opinions about them.

Let's face it: most of you are here for the racing stuff and most readers probably skip my posts anyway. But for those that do read my stuff, to me, it HAS to be more than "I heard Jack James is going to be traded to the Shoehorns and I think this fills their need for special teams help..." I don't read many sports blogs, and when I do, I want to hear someone's opinion. I love when the writer states an opinion, biased or otherwise, and then readers (also biased or otherwise) comment.

That Brewers preview was so much fun when the fans started attacking me. It made the internet a happy place for a few days. Being wrong, or having readers think I'm an idiot, is fine with me!

So I messed up. I said the Holliday deal was not as big as getting Aramis Ramirez back from the DL. WRONG. The standings alone show that. If the Cardinals don't at least make it to the World Series, then I still don't agree with their trading those prospects. (It's looking like they could've had the Central with NO moves! What a waste.)

But as the Cubs enter a series with the Nationals, and a last-ditch effort to save the season and attempt a 3rd-straight playoffs sweep, I wanted to make sure I admitted that I made a mistake. There's still another month though... who knows??


Roy Hobbson said...

Here's something not stupid: I gave up on the Cubs back in June. And my life's been damn near stress-free ever since.

Mike said...

Haha... Roy, I've tried!! Practically every night of that west coast trip, I went to bed saying I was done. Then the next night, I was putting myself through it again.

I am definitely over Soto for the rest of this year. I can't give up on a player's career based on one season, but Hill has earned the right to play every day in my opinion.

I also would rather see Fox over Soriano or Bradley. I don't care if they lose every game. It doesn't matter anymore. Same for Fuld. I'd rather see him play.