Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad eye costs millions

So the St. Louis Cardinals signed this 16-year-old named Wagner Mateo from Santo Domingo. His physical showed possible problems with his right eye, and further examinations were inconclusive. You can read a Yahoo Sports article here.

It does look kind of silly. If he was good enough to sign, how could this be such a problem?

Well, I'm telling you. I have a bad right eye. I played little league and junior high baseball and it was never much of an issue. But later, when the pitching got better, and especially now, even playing softball or pick-up baseball with friends, I really cannot bat right-handed (my natural side). For whatever reason, when batting that way, I just can't pick up the ball.

Three million is a lot of money and, as unsympathetic as it sounds, I can completely understand the team voiding this contract. Like that article says, that money could be the difference in luring a free agent to the team.

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