Sunday, September 13, 2009

College Football Already Showing its Prejudice

This stinks for me, because I really want to enjoy college football and usually it takes a good few weeks before college football screws up their own sport/season. As we all know I, along with everyone else, can name 5,000 ways that a non-playoff poll based system is ridiculous and retarded; and the 2009 season was quick to give us more proof.

The Houston Cougars are currently 2-0, meaning they are undefeated. No big deal sure... except one of those wins this past Saturday was against #5 Oklahoma State, AT Oklahoma State, by a 10 point margin, in a game they lead almost the whole way through.

Yet we get today's rankings and in BOTH the AP and Coaches polls the Houston Cougars are ranked below Oklahoma State. What a bunch of crap, what are these people possibly smoking? Hell... in the Coaches poll Houston isn't even ranked at all!!! Are you serious? They just beat the #5 team in the country and have an unblemished record but somehow they aren't worth being ranked?

Yeah Oklahoma State beat Georgia, that's cool, seriously, no sarcasm from me on that. And yeah Houston may in fact lose a game or more by the end of the season, but we don't know that. We can't be ranking teams based on what we think might happen. The only thing we know is OSU beat Georgia and lost to Houston; and Houston won both its games so far. It doesn't matter what may happen, until Houston gets the loss; because if someones only loss is to 1 other team; and that team is undefeated, the undefeated team by any natural logic should be higher.

It'll never happen because people care too much about bribes, politics and money, but I seriously wish all the non-automatic-qualifier teams would just disband from the BCS and start their own playoff and let the 6 BCS conferences have their stupid bowl system. Clearly humans are too stupid to run anything like this; we know the computer rankings would have this correct, but because the computers don't give false credit to USC, Florida and the rest for beating up on Idaho Institutional Facility and Florida Directional School by 50 points we gave the computers even less say in the matter.

And why do the coaches get a vote in the first place? They clearly have a conflict of interest, and that's not even counting the fact that they don't watch ANY of the games... so lets base a championship off what they think?!

Yeesh, thanks again college football for proving that you can in fact produce worse and worse results year-in-year-out.

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