Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cole Hamels makes the right decision

So, before his team's playoff game, Cole Hamels told his team, the Philadelphia Phillies, that his wife was likely going into labor that day. He told them that he would leave as soon as he got the call, no matter what inning it was or how he was pitching at the time.

And what do you know... a lot of fans are whining.

First of all, if you are 100% sure that you would've chosen the baseball game over the hospital, then I'm positive at least one of the following statements is true about you:

1. You do not have kids.
2. You do not like kids (including your own, if you have any).
3. You are taking sports too seriously.

See, Hamels is smart enough to realize what many of you do not: it was just a game. In the overall picture, it wasn't even a very important game, especially for Hamels. Hamels could've pitched a no-hitter in that game, and it still wouldn't guarantee his team would move on to the next round, let alone win any type of championship.

Also, this is only his job. I know he makes crazy amounts of money, but it's only his job. You might hate your job and think that a player like Hamels is so fortunate and should love every moment that he gets to stand on that pile of dirt, but you're getting a little too "Field of Dreams" there. This is his job. Like all of us, he has things that he loves about it and things that he hates about it and likely sees it more as a job than as a game. And seriously, if you wouldn't take a day off from your JOB to witness the birth of your child, then you have bigger issues than what I pointed out in my list up there.

I am a huge baseball fan. But I can't remember right this second who won all the first-round series the past few years. Who cares about wild card rounds? And if you couldn't get past the first round without Hamels, how much confidence do you have in your team? In sports, everyone is (or should be) replaceable. We're not talking about replacing Cy Young here. It was Cole Hamels.

Oh and don't forget... he did actually pitch. And lost. So there you go.

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Allen Wedge said...

What if you hate hospitals? ever think of that!?