Friday, October 23, 2009

A Response to Rece Davis & Every Other Idiot Who Thinks the NCAA Football Regular Season is a Playoff

It never fails, here we are once again looking at College Football's season as a real tossup as to who the best teams are out there; Texas, Alabama and Florida the current top 3 don't look strong at all; Cincinatti, TCU, Boise State, Alabama/Florida and Texas can all finish undefeated, yet we'd only give 2 of them a shot at being called National Champion. Why? and Why do we allow that decision to be made by politics and opinions; why are the BCS schools so greedy and money hungry that they won't allow non-BCS schools a chance?

Well according to ESPN's Rece Davis, we should stop complaining because a true bracketed playoff will not solve anything and the current NCAA season IS a playoff, you know because you can't lose or you are out... just don't tell that to undefeated Auburn, Utah, Boise State who never got a shot to claim the title in the past 5 years and 3 loss Oklahoma and "it doesn;t matter how many times we lose" USC of the present who are still getting poll votes.

As for Rece and every other moron who wants to call the NCAA regular season a playoff, or tell us that a playoff will solve nothing because we'd still have people feeling left out... just shut up because you ARE AN IDIOT!

No one really gripes (long term) about being left out of March Madness as you pretend to believe, because none of those teams are long term contenders, they're fighting for the shot to lose to the #1 seed which is why their griping is so short-lived.

Please get over this crap about how NCAA football's regular season is a playoff because its nothing remotely close... Seriously what other playoff system do you know of that eliminates over half its contestants before they even start playing because they chose to attend the wrong school?

And Cincinnati wouldn't be left out, as Rece proclaims, of a proper well thought out playoff, instead of planning incorrectly like done in this article to make a empty point. Here's an easy way to start:

-16 teams
-4 weeks (shorter in length than the current bowl season)
-all 11 conference get an auto-bid for their winner
-the final 5 spots are at-larges (and can be decided by BCS votes and computers)
-15 sold out games given to current bowl sites instead of 1/8th full stadiums for the Boudreaux's Butt Paste Bowl
-teams who don't make the playoff can still play the many meaningless bowl games just as they do now (and just as they do now in lower division that have playoffs)

MOST IMPORTANTLY no one is discriminated against!

Big conferences keep their shot to get multiple strong teams in without the expense of discriminating against non-AQ's who largely don't control their own schedule; and most importantly ALL 120 Division I teams start the season with a shot and control their own destiny just by winning, not by politics, opinions and voting.

There is no more discussion, anyone who thinks the BCS system is ok or thinks we have any kind of playoff is a moron... or is receiving the large sums of money from this current idiotic setup.

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