Sunday, January 31, 2010

All I can take...

So it's now 1:25 and I'm pooped. I will feel better knowing that the time stamp on this post will give me an extra hour of credit for how late I stayed up tonight. That's good, I suppose. It seems like it will increase my standing in the world somehow. It won't. In the end, I'll still be somewhere down there with Hobbson and the dude from 16th&Georgetown. But that's ok. Those are good people. They work hard, well hard enough - ok, so perhaps they hardly work but they are still good people. It's the thought that counts, right? I'm sure the thought of work crossed their minds. Truly though, it doesn't matter. They are part of the IndyCar Family and tonight, that was proven to be the only requirement to be a pretty damn cool person. A big thanks to all of my IndyCar brethren for a fun evening. I hope a massive gathering of the IndyCar bloggers can take place again in the near future. Not because I give a rats ass about talking to any of you anymore but quite honestly, I'm just looking for more people to beat in Mario Kart Wii. I missed the action tonight because I'm away from home but next time, all of your asses are mine!!!

Thanks again to the fine gents here at Furious Wedge for letting us crash here for the past several hours and I look forward to hanging around a bit longer as there are there are still another 14 hours left in the Rolex 24.

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