Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ben Sheets should sign with the Cubs - Top 5 Reasons

So it looks like the Cubs will pursue free agent pitcher Ben Sheets. Of course I love this idea, especially if the contract is based on incentives, which seems inevitable. I feel like the Rich Harden gamble paid off, particularly in the first year. So why not give it a try?

It seems like a perfect fit to me, with so many positives for both sides. In fact, here are my Top 5 reasons why Sheets should sign with the Cubs:

5. He's not old, he's experienced! We'd have Sheets on the mound, Maddux in the front office, Soriano hobbling around the outfield... We'd be piling up players who were awesome in like 2002.

4. Late Cubs' broadcaster Harry Caray would have had no trouble saying his name! Both forward and backwards (Neb Steehs?!), it's pretty smooth. I say, do it for Harry.

3. Bring those Wrigley stats to our team! From 2005-2008, Sheets made 8 starts at Wrigley Field, posting a 3-1 record. In 43 IP he had 35 strikeouts and a 3.14 ERA. (I'm expecting that the Cubs' offense could supply more than 3 wins in 8 starts with a 3.14 ERA.)

2. Add him to the Louisiana Connection! You know Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot would love to have a Baton Rouge-native around. When baseball picks up pretty soon, they'll be able to celebrate that Saints Superbowl win together.

1. He's just not ugly enough to keep playing for the Brewers! Seriously. We know how ugly the Milwaukee Brewers' players are. I mean, I heard they all went to a haunted house for Halloween and came out with applications. Get this man out of there. (Besides, it's only a matter of time before Prince is a Tiger and Braun is a Yankee, right?)

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