Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blogathon prep begins!

How excited am I that Blogathon is a week away? Guys, I checked the tennis results on my phone last night. I was on my ESPN and there was a link that said "tennis results" and I clicked it! And Djokovic is killing it. This is his year, I can feel it. And we'll be here to celebrate it.

But more importantly, there's something we need to prepare for. I was not prepared last year and I'm trying to improve this time. This matter cannot be taken lightly:

What kind of food should I have?? What kind of food will you have? What is proper Blogathon food?

I'm thinking definitely some pizza for Saturday night, but then what? Chips, beer... these are staples, but I'm trying to liven things up a little. It's 2010, OK? Suggestions would be great!


The SpeedGeek said...

Three words: Red Super Ropes.

OK, two more: Hot Pretzels.

OK, two more: Bomb Pops.

That's what I'll be stocking here.

Mike said...

Are red super ropes like Twizzlers? Gross. Pretzels sound good.

The SpeedGeek said...

They're like really long Twizzlers that you can drape around your neck. It's no-hands eating! And they are delicious.