Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brumos Porsche is Done! and a Giant Ruse

Wow its almost like the car was simply holding out long enough to let Hurley Haywood finish his career in style, because after he got out of the car for his final racing stint of his career; as pressdog would say; its blown up sir. Raphael Matos jumped in and almost immediately start tracking a giant cloud of smoke around the track.

And here is a random thought... but has anyone actually ever seen Scott Pruett's family? Why is he always saying hi to them back home? Like, why throughout this man's career, is his family always at home!? Why aren't they allowed at the track... could Scott just be saying hello to no one anywhere? This whole thing could just be a giant charade!? We've been duped I tell you!

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Mike said...

Maybe they're just ugly?

I'm going to look into this.

Mike said...

Judy Pruett - children's author

Scott writes books too.

Didn't know this.

Anonymous said...

Akin to the previous comments - do we really WANT to see his family? ;-)

Brian McKay said...

Hurley Haywood is his name.

Mr. Pruett says hello to his family back home because he knows that he's in a sport which can kill him any day.

Why should his family back home be on television?

Why should his family fly or drive to every race?

Allen Wedge said...

dude, you might want to calm down, the whole Pruett thing was a joke.

Mike said...

Brian, do not listen to Wedge. Do not calm down.

Your nasty attitude is very much welcome here, sir! We could use some bad cop here, if you will. Your first task:

Go to each and every post and leave a comment. Nothing special. Just be negative. Be yourself.