Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a few notes

We're almost there. Just a few more days until the craziness begins. Before Blogathon, you can expect a full preview post from Wedge and a post from me containing thoughts and opinions from a bunch of New Orleans Saints fans. But tonight I wanted to post a few things I've been thinking about and discussing with others. I'm hoping to expand on some of these during or after Blogathon.

- I met a man from Ghana today. He was so excited about the big Ghana-Nigeria soccer matchup in the Africa Cup of Nations. It was great. As excited as Saints fans are, this guy was at least that pumped up. I don't know much about soccer and I know nothing about this game, but I was immediately interested. We get so caught up in our own interests that we forget there are sports being played all over the world. I'll definitely be looking for the final score to see if Ghana's team brings home the win.

- Shows how much I know! While Tyler Smith is no longer a Tennessee Volunteer, I learned today that two of the other players have been reinstated. I wish I'd have known that before we praised the way this was handled in the podcast. While Cameron Tatum was the only one who saw action in tonight's loss to Vanderbilt, I think it's no coincidence that the team has lost two games now after winning the previous seven. (*Blogathon note: this sets up a great Kentucky-Vandy match-up for Saturday as Vandy now actually leads Kentucky in the conference.)

- Speaking of Tennessee, did you hear about Lane Kiffin? People around here seriously hate this guy. This weekend I saw a guy downtown selling "I Hate Lane Kiffin" shirts! Well, they're surely laughing now as Kiffin has already managed to earn his first violation by picking up a recruit in a limo. While I often question if this guy really has it all together, at least he's entertaining. Wedge said it best: Kiffin is great for blogs.

- Oh and I don't know what I want more: a Mario Kart indy car or an E.T. board game!

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Mike said...

Take it from me: watching soccer live updates on Yahoo is even less exciting than it seems.

Ghana defeats Nigeria 1-0 to reach the finals.

Iannucci said...

Maybe I'm wrong but the Mario Kart Wii "Classic Dragster" looks an awful lot like an early 20th century IndyCar.

And for all we know the "Blue Falcon" is actually what the Delta Wing design is based. Stranger things have happened.

Mike said...

That Blue Falcon is serious. I raced a guy in a Blue Falcon like 20 times and never caught him. Again, though, I'm not very good.

I need to unlock that!