Monday, January 11, 2010

a few of notes about the weekend...

First of all, I was thrilled to see Tennessee upset #1 Kansas after dismissing Tyler Smith and playing without the other three players who remain suspended. The fact that players who were not thought to be significant to the team in the beginning of the season are now stepping up and becoming an integral part of the team's success is a wonderful story. Again, as a teacher, this is a great lesson that I can point to and show kids that by staying out of trouble and being in the right place at the right time, you'll usually get your chance.

My favorite quote after the game was when Coach Bruce Pearl said, "McBee's shot was worth how many hours in the gym? When other kids were doing everything else, you could see McBee in the gym practicing all night long. It paid off — the beautiful thing about sports."

What a jab at his hoodlum players (and ex-player)! When other kids were doing everything else! Like, you know, drugs, guns, etc. I'm pretty happy about what's going on at Tennessee following this incident so far.


Second, I'd like to welcome all the people who found our site the past couple of days by searching for Charles Barkley Saturday Night Live skits! Please feel free to stick around and join in the conversations here. I mean, besides Scared Straight and maybe Reel Quotes or Inside the NBA, I wouldn't really be so worried about looking for all those videos anyway. The Ski Retreat and Racist MacGruber, for example, were pretty awful. So instead of searching for SNL clips, I suggest helping us get ready for our upcoming Blogathon! Comments are always welcome.


Finally, I think we had a great Sunday. The Patriots were embarrassed on their home field. Wedge returned after a few weeks off. And then the Cardinals won a great game in the battle to see who gets to come to the Superdome and lose!


FuriousDeuce said...

Dude, Reel Quotes was great ("You can't handle?"..."MY PRIVATES!") and Inside the NBA was okay, but I thought Racist MacGruber was hilarious. The Ski Resort ski was good, Wiig's boobs were better.

Mike said...


Ah, is that why these dudes keep googling that skit? Seriously, there's Cinemax, the internet, REAL GIRLS, and dudes are breaking down the doors of the internet to see this skit.

And yeah, Reel Quotes is the one I keep remembering now that it's a few days later.

Should SNL be one hour with one song performed? I vote yes! Cut the fat. (I'm not calling Sir Charles fat.)