Friday, January 1, 2010

Furious: Top 10 Sports Movies of the Decade

My Favorite Sports Movies from 2000-2009

10. We Are Marshall
9. Remember the Titans
8. Semi-Pro
7. Hurricane Season
6. Glory Road
5. Go Tigers!
4. 61*
3. Cars
2. Friday Night Lights
1. The Rookie

Honorable Mention: Leatherheads, The Replacements, Kicking and Screaming, Coach Carter, Love and Basketball, The Longshots, Rocky Balboa, O, Dodgeball

Movies I haven't seen yet: Talladega Nights, The Blind Side, Bronx is Burning, The Express, Invincible, Legend of Bagger Vance, Mickey, Miracle

Top three television shows to feature sports:

3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - "The Gang Gets Invincible," "Hundred Dollar Baby," "The World Series Defense," etc..

2. The Office - "Basketball," "Office Olympics," "Company Picnic," etc...

1. Friday Night Lights - the entire series!


Rick said...

Miracle deserves a spot in the top 10! It was a great sports movie!

Mike said...

Rick, I have that one listed under "movies I haven't seen yet." I'll definitely try to check it out soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

The SpeedGeek said...

Bill Simmons mentioned it the other day in his column, but I'll mention it too: Sugar. Great movie, not at all what I expected. It's one of the best movies of any kind that I saw this year.

Mike said...

I've read about Sugar, actually. I'll try to catch this one soon. Thanks for this suggestion too.

Keep 'em coming everyone!

V for Victory said...

Try Rudy. This movie really deserves a place in the list.

And Invincible isn't so bad: