Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Furious Wedge 2010 Blogathon Coming Soon (featuring Mario Kart!)

OK, personally, I cannot wait for this year's Blogathon. Last year, I thought it was going to be a bunch of racing stuff that I wouldn't understand. And in reality, it was a bunch of racing stuff that I didn't understand. AND I fell asleep! But when I woke up, I had so much fun.

In the past year, I feel I've finally contributed enough to this blog to earn my "Furious" in the title. And this year, I am looking forward to participating throughout the full 24+ hours. No naps. (OK, maybe one or two?) No recording studios. Just me, Wedge, and whoever else decides to join us for Mario Kart.


During some of the down time in the wee hours of the night (morning?!) Wedge and I will be playing Mario Kart Wii online. You are all welcome (and encouraged) to join us. Well, 10 of you at a time, anyway.

I'm excited about this. Are you??

I am also pleased to announce the upcoming debut of the Furious Wedge PODCAST. This weekend, we are set to record our initial installment and, hopefully, it be something we can continue on a regular basis. We're hoping to record one or two episodes each month, depending on time, material, and possible guests we can round up. (Mark Micowski interview? I'll try my best!)

The first episode of the FW podcast will be a Blogathon preview and should be available to download next week. More details coming soon.

So speaking of Blogathon, it looks like we'll have tons of sports action on television that weekend. Here's a list I came up with:

Daytona 24
Winter X Games
Australian Open Finals
NCAA basketball - Kentucky/Vanderbilt, Kansas/Kansas State, Hawaii/Nevada, etc.
NBA - Nuggets/Spurs
PGA San Diego Open
Transworld Snowboarding Team Shootout (MTV2)
NASCAR Toyota All-Star Showdown
Burger King All-American High School Football Skills Challenge
Supercross racing

If it's on, and it's remotely related to sports, I'll check it out and let you know how it's going. What am I missing from this list?

Honestly, aside from the basketball, I would probably normally watch less than an hour of all of these things combined. But it's Blogathon! I won't know what I'm talking about most of the time, but at least I can keep Wedge company and help him stay awake. And I'm getting better at Mario Kart.

Come check out Wedge's analysis and ridicule my sleep-deprived stupidity!


Mike said...

Forgot to mention, Blogathon leads into a number of other exciting events like the Pro Bowl, Lakers/Celtics, and bobsledding.

Anonymous said...

It was fun reading along last year, throwing in the odd comment now and then.

I can't say I really understand much of what's going on other than Daytona (and Mario Kart) so it'll be an interesting ride!

In case you were after more, there's the African Cup of Nations soccer final on Sunday (and the 3rd place playoff on Saturday). I don't usually watch the game and don't care for the teams but can do so for the sake of the Blogathon.
Here in the UK on premium sports channels I can't afford there is live cricket (Australia v Pakistan), live rugby (England v Ireland), winter sports, golf (PGA and European) and of course the Premier League. Just some extra ideas if anyone is interested in covering 'em.
I was hoping for more stuff on the free-to-air TV I have but sadly not (we just missed the snooker and darts..).

The SpeedGeek said...

Good news, everyone! My back ordered copy of Mario Kart is due to arrive on the 26th! I'll have three days to practice up before getting my @$$ handed to me by an international cast of hundreds!

Just missed on snooker and darts? Like, as in, those two sports have a "season"? And, as in, now the pub sports are "out of season"?

Anonymous said...

They take up hours of BBC programming.

PipSTA said...

The Snooker Season last from September through May, but, through successive years of nonsenical management by the governing body, this season there are just 8 tournaments of any note, of which 4 are covered by the BBC nationally (with 1 broadcast in Wales only), the rest being people pottering round a holiday camp in a North Wales Seaside resort in winter trying to make enough money to eat (it really is as bad as it sounds).

The Masters, where theoretically the best 16 players (and 2 wildcards, one qualifying, one what you yanks would call an at-large berth) get together in Wembley (London's right armpit) to find out which has most support there. Mark Selby, the jester from Lecister, won, surprisingly beating the crowd favourite, Ronnie O'Sulivan from the delightful town of Romford, not far at all from London, or here, for that matter.

The next tournament is the Welsh Open, held in my least favourite Welsh city of Swansea between the 25th and 31st, but that isn't that well or widely broadcast, not in Britian as a whole, or particually Wales itself.

smithlara1 said...

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