Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Graveyard shift with Shane from Australia

Just when you thought it was safe to slowly and serenely drift off to sleep...

He's baaaaaaaaa-aaackk!

Yes, just helping you kids survive the 24 Heuers du Blog with some updates from the Australian Open Men's Final, 10km North West of me at Melbourne Park, and anything I feel like talking about. Including the cricket.

Cricket, yes, cricket. You know, it's just like baseball, except there are no balls. We gave you a bat mate, we expect you to use it. If you get hit in the head because you aren't good enough to hit it, then that's your problem.

Australia (1) are playing Pakistan (7) in an International one day match in Perth today, so we'll be telling you all about that if the tennis gets boring, which is likely given there's a Roger Federer straight sets warning in place for tonight.

After all, Federer is playing a bloke from Great Britain, who hasn't won a Grand Slam for 75 years. Ok, he's from the same part of the world as Dario, but seriously, do we really think Andy Murray will win?

Let's face facts here kids, the reason why Britain are hopeless at sport is because in the 1700's they exported all the sporting talent to Australia, it's just at the time they were called "Convicts".

And we'll be keeping an eye on Daytona too. Apparently there's a car race there. Or something.

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