Sunday, January 31, 2010

ideas for new Saints shirts

[Continuing my non-racing talk!]

So everyone's talking about the NFL's claims of trademark infringement against people selling shirts depicting the New Orleans Saints' logo and their famous "Who Dat" chant.

I'm not going to say who is right or wrong here. There are tons of other sources to go to for that opinion. But I will offer this.

"Who Dat" is old! I love traditions and all, but if the NFL is giving us trouble, let's just move on, huh? New team, new motto. I have three t-shirt suggestions for you:

3. Love That Catchin'

People in New Orleans "Love That Chicken (From Popeyes)." Why not just borrow that slogan? Like, "Man, Reggie Bush can run fast, but I Love That Catchin'!"

2. Let 'Em Have It!

The famous (in New Orleans) Frankie and Johnny's Furniture slogan. "Who's coming to the Dome? The Falcons?? They'll have to see the Special Man... Let 'Em Have It!" I say, I say, I say! With NO problem.

1. Throw Me Something Mister (Brees)

Our famous Mardi Gras chant could easily be adapted for our football team. Drew's receivers probably already yell this anyway.

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