Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Starting to Really Like the Team Name Action Express

Barbosa is back in the Action Express to finish things up, and Pruett is back on the lead lap saying hello to his family; a caution would make the very interesting. (note that very quietly Max Angalelli and the Suntrust crew have gotten their car back up to 7th... as always with endurance racing its not just speed).

The last hour and a half is going to be very interesting, especially if a caution flies, or simply if the #9 has any issues... which curiously they are already spraying WD-40 on their throttle linkage... "running without a clutch"  sounds like some crazy fun driving that car; in fact Pruett is running laps multipole seconds faster, and he has an hour and a half to continue doing that...

(side question: if Porsche wins the race 2 years in a row, does Chip change his team to Porsche?)

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1 comment:

PipSTA said...

Pruett can catch without a caution. I think. And then it gets really interesting. He was always the 01s trump card, and could really be the difference in this race.

Also, DP era distance record seems almost certain now, I'm estimating about 750 caution free, so they've got to lose 15 laps to cautions in an hour and a half not to get the record.