Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello world.

I'm with George. I'm doing my best to learn more about the world of sports car racing, but American open-wheel has always been my primary focus, so I don't feel that I have a great deal of insight to provide yet. What I am getting out of watching the Rolex 24 is seeing a) which of our IZOD IndyCar drivers have shown up for the party, and b) how their skills compare to those who spend most of their time in other disciplines. I'll try to pick up more as the race and season goes on.

Not a deep contribution, I know. Just wanted to let this man-fest know that there's some estrogen hanging around here. And if I'm back in time this evening, I'm totally taking you all on in Mario Kart.

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Allen Wedge said...

hah, I think you are mistaken, this thing has had major surge of estrogen since the moment Hobbson agreed to participate.

Don't worry about any "lack of knowledge." If there's anything Furious Wedge prides itself on, especially during blogathon, its surely not knowledge...

Mike said...

Hey, I know A LOT about Andy Bernard.