Sunday, January 31, 2010

International Sport Update: Murray gone, Pakistan still a chance

It's Australian sport night at the Furious Wedge.

Unfortunately crocodile wresting has been canceled tonight, all that's left is tennis and cricket.

In the Tennis, Murray is gone, I mean GONE, more gone than Cyndi Lauper. More gone than Enron. Down 6-3, 5-3 against Chip Federer, Andy Murray has nothing. Even when he has something, Federer pulls out the backhand, which today is as good as the unbeatable forehand.

Not even Pong could beat Federer on the basis of what I've seen, and barring an unexpected weather event, or an outbreak of scurvy, he's home.

The cricket, however is a different story. After getting a lamentable 213, Pakistan in the field have limited Australia to 3 out for 81 chasing 214 in the 20th over. Now you see, in one day cricket you get 50 overs (6 pitches an over == 300 pitches), or 10 outs to get the 214. Losing 3 this early is a concern. Not a huge concern, but it's a worry.

Australia need to steady the ship here, and stop the outs, otherwise Pakistan (ranked 7 in the word), may finally beat Australia (ranked 1 in the world), in this 5 game series. Pakistan are currently down 0-4.

Oh, and for you Americans, the United States are ranked 22 in international cricket, and Canada 16. To give you an idea of the international powerhouses that play cricket, between them are 17. Afganistan, 18. Namibia, 19. Oman, 20. Bermuda, and 21. Papua New Guniea.

What does that tell you, it tells you that nobody really cares about cricket. All you really know it's another game that was invented in Great Britain that they suck at. Like Tennis.
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