Sunday, January 31, 2010

Judy Pruett does exist...

This is probably not Scott Pruett's wife. But Wedge seems to believe that Judy Pruett does not exist and I figured I could probably prove him wrong. And this photo came up on Yahoo images.

I did learn that Judy and Scott have written numerous books for children. I'm sure 12 Little Race Cars would be a hit here in my house.

Here is a link to an interview with Scott Pruett about writing the books.
I suppose I'll work on finding a correct photo.

[Edit for video proof] Here you go Wedge!

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The SpeedGeek said...

I can confirm that that is NOT Scott Pruett's wife. Nothing for or against that lady, but I've seen Judy Pruett interviewed on TV and you, ma'am, are not THE Judy Pruett.

Mike said...

I added video with the real Judy Pruett.

Best part: she says hi to family at home!

PipSTA said...

I recognise her. I swaer. Or I might be mistaking her for somebody else, that's quite likely.

In a recurrance of something from earlier, I'm just getting news of the Pakistani captain, Shahid Afridi, getting a two match ban for the ball tampering thing.

And the African Cup is nothing special.

Allen Wedge said...

Man, shout out to family at home... priceless