Sunday, January 31, 2010

Murfed... there's nothing wrong going for a pee if you get a 5 minute penalty

Federer and Murray has just started.

It's lock step into Turn 1, with Federer driving the Red Car 1-0 up on serve in the first set.

Seeing the score I noticed it said FED/MUR, which is disappointing, because if it was the other way round, it would say MUR/FED.

"Murfed" refers to V8 Supercar driver Greg Murphy, and is what happens when you get a 5-minute stop and go penalty during the motor race.

Of course, when you get a 5-minute penalty, sitting in the car and sulking is no point, so at about 2:10 you might as well get out and take a pee. The highlight here is the crew telling Murf to get back into the car, only to be told "Let me have a p***, I've got 5 minutes!", with appropriate hand signal.

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