Sunday, January 31, 2010

The One Guarantee for Every Daytona 24

All of the bigeest developments happen in the halfway point dead of night. This is when cars start to break, its when drivers start to make their mistakes, and best of all, its when SPEED decides nonsensical stupid NASCAR replays are more important.

For those who can't follow, you have to make what you can of timing and scoring and team radio via TRG and others... What we can tell is the #6 Michael Shank car droped like a rock from lead lap to 2 laps down in past 5 minutes, and Jusin Wilson went from a huge lead to somehow 2nd place behind by 2 seconds, and now in just 2 more laps he lost 2 more seconds... maybe went off track... twice? doesn't sound like Wilson... but lets point out the better thing here Action Express Racing is now in the lead and VERY close to being in a dominating position... I was on the right track picking an underdog to win this race, clearly I just picked the wrong one.

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