Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our First Major Carnage of the Race Calls for the First Root Beer

Comes via one car all alone... but its not like its easy to break the entire suspension on the front of the car... which brings me to one aspect that you've got to "awe" at with Daytona 24... crap braking that you just never thought could break...

So with this first caution I think its time I give my first Root Beer review of the Blogathon. As I just recently moved to D.C. and away from the land of fun that is Louisiana, I'm continuing my mission of trying to find out if anyone can produce a root beer as good as Abita. If any of you have sampled any of the amazing alcoholic brews from Abita, you can imagine how good the Root form is... (side thought: someone should get them to be a sponsor). Today I'm sampling the offerings of the region throughout Blogathon in hopes of finding something that can at east hold me off for having Abita shipped here.

Our first candidate is Boylan:

Boylan's tag is that they are "Sweetened with pure cane sugar" and I have to say its definitely a thumbs up as far as Root Beers go, quite on the sweetness-almost syrupy side. I like the sugaryness of it; a little too sweet...maybe? I'm not sure, will have to continue the samplings I have set ahead, but I'd definitely put it in my all time Top 5 for now... will it survive that by the end of Blogathon... who knows... but for now its in the Top five and I give it a solid 8 out of 10 rating.

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I'm killing an IBC.