Saturday, January 30, 2010

RX-8 is Dominating!!

I know its the pace car and all, but wow no one can get around him, that car is killing everyone on that wet track....

but alas as we're still under yellow, its given me time to have some quick thoughts....

1) Why hasn't Chip Ganassi experimented with installing yellow lights on the top of his cars... obviously this would give them a major advantage when turned on. Too much drag maybe?

2) We're only 14 minutes into the race and we've already gotten our first IZOD IndyCar Series commmercial. Enough simply can't be said about how good the start of this partnership with IZOD is going for the IICS.

3) I've heard from some people down at the track that the thing to look for the most with the Stevenson switch to Camaros is that even without the heavy rain, they have basically no visibility out of the rear of the car cause of the small window and low wing placement. Not that they are normally going to be looking out of the window for their competition, but with the Prototypes constantly coming around, that could be interesting...

4) lastly, if any of you are curious to see that no one has changed position... here is the timing and scoring for the race:

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