Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Night Live Sports All-Stars

Like I did for the Charles Barkley Saturday Night Live, I'm going to rate each of these skits out of 5. No Charles Barkley heads.

Maya Rudolph National Anthem (4/5) - Dinosaur Boy was rolling on the ground laughing. It was pretty funny and not so far-fetched actually. Some of these Star Spangled performances get out of hand.

Derek Jeter Monologue (2/5) - I don't usually like the monologues. Except Taylor Swift's was awesome.

Schmit's Gay (2/5) - The 2/5 is only because it was great to see Sandler and Farley. How was this "sports"? Either way, it wasn't really funny.

Peyton Manning | United Way (5/5) - I love Manning. This is funny. Spend time with your kids so Peyton Manning doesn't.

Lebron James | Read to Achieve (3/5) - Lebron isn't half bad here. It's not a great skit.

Yankee Stadium Stories (1/5) - The bread and meatballs was funny.

Mike Tyson | What Up With That (3/5) - Tyson's acting is terrible, his dancing is brilliant.

Michael Jordan | Stuart Smalley (3/5) - It's a classic and all, but I don't know. Maybe we've seen it too much.

Ray Romano | Sportscenter (5/5) - Excellent. I want to watch a full-hour Sportscenter like this.

Peyton Manning | Team Captain (5/5) - Most of the best recent male cast members plus Peyton. A little bit of pee came out.

Derek Jeter's Taco Hole (4/5) - Great Beach Boys parody. Need more Will Ferrell.

Stevie Wonder | Kannon Camera (1/5) - Pretty awful.

Shaquille O'Neal | Spanking (3/5) - Kind of funny, and not dragged out. I pretty much appreciate everything Shaq does.

Charles Barkley | Racist Macgruber (1/5) - Ugh.

Tiger Woods | The Situation Room (1/5) - Not funny.

Harry Caray | World Series (1/5) - I love Harry. I never found these skits funny. Why would I ever want to hear Harry talk about the Braves and Yankees? I'd rather hear the stories he's talking about. That's why we love Harry. His tangents aren't funny, they're awesome.

Game Time with Dave and Greg (5/5) - It's like Starman on crack. I liked this whole episode for the most part.

Hulk Hogan and Mr. T (3/5) - It's a shame that this is only decent because they are so awful at not laughing.

Tom Brady | Carnival (3/5) - You can see him aiming right below the hole.

Chris Farley and Nancy Kerrigan (4/5) - Farley is great.

Synchronized Swimming (2/5) - My wife loves this. I think it's OK for like a minute. But it goes on forever. It's like an entire mockumentary. In my sleep-deprived post-Blogathon state, this is ridiculously long.

ESPN Classic Bowling (3/5) - The guys are funny enough, but the bowling characters are definitely not. Two more strikes and she is out.

Tom Brady | Sexual Harassment and You (1/5) - TV (un)Funhouse.

Michael Phelps | The Charles Barkley Show (3/5) - Keenan Thompson is funny. Michael Phelps didn't do so well.

John Belushi | Donuts (2/5) - I thought we were ending with Barkley's Scared Straight and we got this instead.

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