Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tyler Smith dismissed from Tennessee basketball team

While I wait for live-blogging during Charkes Barkley's Saturday Night Live action, I must say that, as a teacher in the state of Tennessee, this makes my job a little easier. The fact that Coach Bruce Pearl dismissed this kid from the team is something we, as teachers, can point to as an example of a consequence for a poor decision. If they were found guilty and were allowed to still play, kids would've learned nothing. It's great to see a coach treating these guys like "student" athletes.

Just the other night I had a whole post typed up about this, saying these players should be kicked off the team and out of the school. I decided not to publish it, thinking it would be better to wait for more evidence to be known first. I'm all for second chances... just somewhere else. We can't make it convenient and comfortable. Now we'll see what awaits the other three guys.

Time for SNL.

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