Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Dat? (FW Weekend Update)

Go Saints! What an unbelievable game. Now Wedge and I have two weeks to talk about our team finally making it to the Super Bowl. To give our readers a sense of what is going on in New Orleans, I am going to compile a post of thoughts from friends and relatives. I'll get that up soon.

This weekend, we recorded the first episode of the Furious Wedge Podcast. It's mostly a Blogathon preview. I'll get that together over the next two days and we'll have it up to download hopefully by mid-week.

We also did a test run of the live chat we'll use for the round table discussion. It's such a great feature and I hope some of you join us for that.

Oh, and I probably played about 10 hours of Mario Kart this weekend. But I'm still not any good.

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