Monday, January 4, 2010

Will Welker's injury now stop people from crying?

So Wes Welker is out for the year. Now I really hope people stop crying about "these NFL teams ripping us off by benching their players late in the season."

As a Saints fan, I absolutely do not care that Brees and others sat yesterday. (I do wish we could have seen our 3rd quarterback, because Brunell was pitiful.) Think about the fact that baseball players rest games here and there throughout the entire season. For a baseball player to rest once every 15 games is not unheard of, yet no season ticket holder (or anyone else) is crying for his money back, right?

When you buy that ticket, you are buying the chance to see professional athletes compete. And even that term "professional" is relative. For example, what is professional in Indianapolis is far different, in most cases, from what is professional in St. Louis this year.

Are you telling me that I should be OK with Detroit running Culpepper out there every game if they wanted to, but I should start protesting Mark Brunell's ONE start of the year? Think about those season ticket holders in Detroit! By this logic, they should be protesting every single game.

Also consider this:

At the beginning of the year, I tell you, "Your team will have a playoff spot locked up by Game 15. You will have the #1 seed. The only downside is that your coach will rest your players for one or two games." Aren't you OK with that?? What true fan in his or her right mind wouldn't accept that scenario?

(It's the same reason I'm not complaining one bit about the Saints losing their last 3 games... I'd have taken 13-3 and the #1 seed in a second before this season started. Try me. Tell me the Cubs will go 130-30, but lose their last 30 games heading into the playoffs. I'll take it, especially after last season!)

The only argument about this conversation that I can even listen to without cringing is the argument that it disrupts the overall integrity of the league by letting teams in the playoffs with easy wins (i.e. possibly the Jets this year). But it still doesn't matter to me. Win enough games, make the playoffs. If not, deal with it.

Either way, you are not entitled to tell a coach or organization who they must put on the field just because you buy a ticket. Or even if you run the league. The New England Patriots and their organization are now left with an injury to one of their best players, a key part of the team for years to come. Ticket holders and league executives are not affected by this. The team is.

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Mr. Nauton said...

Excellent post/point -- would Manning or Brees swap 16-0 and watching the playoffs in a cast, or 14-2 and leading his team on the field? The one and only goal is to win the championship.
Great blog!