Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow, Wow, WOW!!! Have Action Express Racing Just Clinched It!?

No explanation, but Justin Wilson just took the Ganassi 01 into the pits and immediately to the garages!!!! 

No word, and a very pissed off looking Chip Ganassi in the garage, they got it back out quickly, but the damage is done as they are now down 2 laps to the Action Express Porsche, the 01 may even have to worry about the 2nd....

and just as I type that, the Action Express #9 is having problems; crap is breaking everywhere, does the Michael Shank #6 now have a shot again!? Crazy Crazy developments here; this may just come down to survival of the fittest! This is what I love about endurance racing.

UPDATE: and the #9s stop was long enough that the Ganassi 01 is now back on the lead lap, though its a large gap within that lap, a caution anywhere would surely fix that.

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1 comment:

The SpeedGeek said...

2 1/2 hours to go, and the plot has officially thickened. I love it.