Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Lesson in Social Media

(100% not doctored)

Column A

Column B


"During the 2nd practice today, Scott ran 42 laps with a top speed of 116.796 mph on lap 23."


"Well testing went really well. The team are great but I just screwed up and bent the car. Ego took a big hit!"




"The Will Power and I just had a killer workout at the shop. I think our trainer thoroughly enjoys seeing us hurt!"

"Is playing Wii Golf going to help my real game? I hope so!!"




"Did u know that. If a driver seats 1.5 inches to the back. The % on the weight distribuition may vary up to a 1%. That's priceless !"


"Scott took part in the Daytona 5K this morning and placed 3rd in the (30-34) age group, and 24th overall in field of 1,000."


"Went for good run....sun is out was not that cold at all....I was wearing my fireproof underwear though"
"Ok my cycle lasted about 2 miles before I lost feeling in my face, came back, now on indoor bike...."


Versus (Indycar partner) is a big supporter of Danica in NASCAR - what a joke.


"Will donate a Helmet for an auction. For Haiti!! Please support this needed people."


"open wheel fans have been foolishly loyal over the last 15 years , as both series have dragged open wheel to the bottom of the ocean ."

"Bia figueiredo , in a 3rd car at drier and reinbold . It's so great to see guys from north america get a chance in the izod indycar series"


"This week is big week. Hope I have some good news for you guys. Been working my butt off."

"was in some good meetings today. i am not gonna stop working and been positive."


"@lancearmstrong Dude, freakin awesome win at Daytona, it is so nice to see great things happen to a good person, you deserve it!!!"

"@jamiemcmurray Dude, freakin awesome win at Daytona, it is so nice to see great things happen to a good person, you deserve it!!!"

Dear Column A,


You're doing it wrong.


Leigh O'Gorman said...

Perfect - absolutely perfect

The SpeedGeek said...

You got that right. Scott Dixon's Twitter feed is arguably even more boring than the "hot new business idea" feeds that occasionally creep into my account. Tomas needs to sit down with Scott and have a little chat about that.

The Beaumont said...

I think you're missing the point of on many of the A and B column posts. Who are you to say what another person deems a worthy post? Let me guess you're a "social media" expert? I for one could care less when Briscoe drives around in his smart car, whereas a school girl might enjoy that to fuel her fascination.

You cite Dixon's twice, but actually its not even him. Anyone can tell from the posts is just general items on Scott vs. him actually posting - Hello McFly. As for @danicaracing i actually do follow that one and I have no idea why you say they are doing it wrong (oops forgot you're an "expert"). That post you cited was actually something every fan of Danica should see because Versus just showed some true colors with that bush league graphic.

Even going back to Dixon's even though it's not him i as a fan would actually prefer to know his times and where he ranked.

As for Tracey also don't see what's wrong - the guy made a point, voice an opinion. Guess that doesn't jibe with your "expert" rules you've placed on "Social Media".

So in short you've really just made no point at all. The value of a post is in the eye of the reader. Thanks for the laugh thought.

PS - as for your love affair with Vision it's obvious why they have so much time on their hands to do Twitter isn't it? If they were have as good at getting sponsorship as you think they are at playing Twit all day they'd be running 4 cars this year.

Allen Wedge said...

Wait!? Briscoe drives a Smart car!? Can you confirm that?

And I do apologize for not establishing my background earlier; (didn’t realize it was a prerequisite for a blog) but it turns out I am very versed in Social Media, marketing and its Return on Investment as a whole. While my job isn’t all that important; I do in fact have a LOT of experience with this, I’m paid to. However, the fact that you are the only person has responded negatively, while it’s been linked numerous times and praised by quite a many tells me the large majority of people out there don’t have the be experts to know what’s wrong in Column A.

Firstly, Dixon. I like Dixon, I like his team and his people, but if a PR person is going to run a twitter account; the account should be called TeamGanassi, or DixonPR; not setup to pretend its Scott, and then every post looks like is in the 3rd person. If you want track times, there’s already 15+ official league twitter accounts that give us this information. The point of Twitter (or social media in general) is to offer people something additional, something to connect them personally; not plan the right corporate line to say.

As for Danica’s PR person; it wasn’t pointing out the Versus thing that was wrong; its calling a TV partner for the league that your driver is signed to race in for the next two years a “joke.” The only thing that tweet accomplished was turning IndyCar fans off of Danica; and angering Danica fans, possibly off of Versus; over something that in reality is a non-issue (journalism). The correct thing to have done would have been to call Versus on the side and talk to them about it privately; I’m sure Versus would have had no problem adjusting it. In addition, it just comes off as whiny, especially considering Versus and IndyCar have done nothing but give Danica good press and support 99.9% of the time. Oh no, someone wrote a debatably bad thing out of 1,000, lets call them out publically over an article that (lets be honest) most people wouldn’t have even known existed had they not pointed it out.

Think about how Tony Kanaan handled his 2009 season, then think about how Danica’s PR person handled one bad headline and you get the point.

As for Tracy (no ‘e’); this was the first and only time I’ve had a problem with Paul’s tweeting; he’s generally amazing with it. It comes to one simple thing; if your profession, and the thing you want to do depends on a large group of people (fans) supporting it; its probably not the best idea to insult them for supporting you all those years. I realize Paul is frustrated, and I’m frustrated too because I love having him out there racing, but the fact is: fans aren’t the reason Paul is out of a ride.

As for Vision, I think you might want to do a little more research before you go around assuming they are doing nothing to try and get sponsorship. The fact that Panther, LuczoDragon, HVM, DRR the IRL (and more) have all publicly thanked Vision and cited them as an example to use tells you they know what they are doing when it comes to social media. The fact that they (and just about every other team in motorsports) are struggling with sponsorships in bad economic recovery period has nothing to do with how often Pat Caporelli tweets.

I’m sorry my original post was void of all this explanation and detail, but if you’ve spent any time on Furious Wedge, you’ll know that we’re pretty big on humor here, and that post was mostly in jest as “you’re doing it wrong” is a pretty common joke amongst the internet in general.

Mike said...

Um if anyone is an expert on Twitter, it's me. I've been playing with my twitter for like a year now. I have three accounts and have like 80 people who follow me. If you guys have any questions about Twitter, you should ask me. Because I'm an expert.

In fact, I just tweeted about how I had to, once again, remind people about my twitter expert status.

I need to go do my Follow Fridays now!

The SpeedGeek said...

You said it all before I could, Wedge, but I just have to pile on.

People follow people's Twitter feeds to get insider info. Lap times? Thanks, but you can get those anywhere. Press release-ready sound bites? Pass. I can get those at your (or your sponsor's) website. Carping at the fans (or League partners)? I appreciate the candor, but that's probably a bad PR move. Just be prepared to deal with the fall out.

As for Vision, I will not budge there. Pat Caporali is an absolute Twitter All-Star. Her frequency or quality of tweets has had nothing to do with whether or not their car is on track, or whatever else might be going on with the team right that minute. In fact, last year, she congratulated me and my wife for our upcoming baby DURING an IndyCar race. She was able to pick my semi-cryptic tweet in reference to a baby out of the 100's that I'm sure she gets during the course of a race, tweet effectively about what the team was doing on about a once-every-five-minute rate, and still find time to respond directly to me, a semi-anonymous race fan that she's never met. That, fella, is a freaking Professional.

On the other hand, The Beaumont has a good point. Wedge did provide us with a good "laugh thought". He is, in fact, doing it right.

Allen Wedge said...

Not that anyone is reading this anymore, but today Danicaracing posted:

"TV Reminder: Versus will be airing "Danica's Decade" from 1-2PM(EST) on Saturday"

which means Danica's PR person knew that Versus was dedicating an entire hour of programming to their driver (something no other driver is getting) yet they still felt the need to call the network a "joke" over a silly little headline for an online article.

The SpeedGeek said...

Oh, there's a joke in there somewhere. Methinks it's in the attitude of Danica's camp that nary a bad word should ever be uttered. Well, unless it's by Danica her-own-self. Nice.