Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have a laptop adapter! I have a laptop adapter!

I've been virtually computer-less for over a month now. It feels good to be back.

I don't really have like a major topic to cover, but wanted to celebrate my return to the internet nonetheless. So I'll just comment on a few things. Feel free to ignore me, curse me out, or have your company's spambot post a generic statement of praise followed by a sweet hidden link to your site.

As a Cubs fan, I must start with this: Zambrano to the bullpen! I really support this move. Our starters have been solid enough. Putting Zambrano in the 8th inning takes this bullpen from pretty awful to kind of scary (in a good way). When Marshall's on, I like our chances of Marshall-Zambrano-Marmol for the 7th-8th-9th. And with Marshall and Zambrano both being former starters, they could easily be extended to 2 innings or more when needed. Bold move, but I think Piniella had to do it.

Speaking of the Cubs, I had to watch the Mets broadcast crew do the Cubs/Mets game last night. These guys are the worst! I didn't even pay attention to who it was, but I think Keith Hernandez was one of them. Although I don't think he was one of the guys I hated. Maybe Ron Darling was one? I need to find out, because I was almost embarrassed by how bad they were. One of them actually said: "The Cubs are just awful." Both teams are 6-9! Huh?? In another discussion, one guy said Ryne Sandberg was overrated and he'd take Craig Biggio any day. At another point, one said he couldn't stand the Cubs' road uniforms! I mean, look, I don't really care if these guys like my team or whatever. Who cares. But shouldn't they be professionals while on TV? It was so obvious they were just trashing the opposing team.

How about Big Ben? My opinion is simple: I hope the suspension stands at the full 6 games and I hope he gets traded. And I was a HUGE fan of his before this offseason. But at some point we have to do what's right for kids who are paying attention. I am not at all saying the "victim" is innocent here. I don't know what happened, and I don't care. But you can't tell me that was an isolated incident and no team really needs that trouble regardless of how talented the athlete is. Except maybe the Raiders?

Dear EA Sports: do you think we could put Roethlisberger on the Madden cover and get Brees off now? Thanks, guys.

Don't get me wrong... I'm proud for my city's team and I enjoy watching people get pumped up about the Predators. But really. Who wants to be inside watching a game being played on ice right now? This weekend, I was at the park celebrating Earth Day. It was 75 degrees, we were flying kites, it was great. Who decided this was still hockey season??

Oh, and do we REALLY need to keep talking about the biggest draft busts and steals of all time every single year? Wait what? Ryan Leaf was picked high and didn't pan out? How'd I miss that? Tom Brady was passed up by every team multiple times? Whoah! I bet those teams feel stupid, huh? I hadn't realized that until this year! Thanks, every sports media source.

Did you know Tebow was a virgin and likes Jesus? That's what we offer here. Breaking news.

You know what I did last week? I cut off my cable service. I just realized the impact this will have on Blogathon '11. Dammit. How do we petition to get that race online again?

Don't worry, the Wii is still going strong. I'm ready for Mario Kart whenever anyone else is.

I guess we will have a pretty cool announcement to make here pretty soon. Besides the fact that I'm back online, of course. Stay tuned...

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