Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Repeating high school? No thanks!

I bought the book High School Confidential a few years ago. As a teacher, I could've told author Jeremy Iversen what he was going to find. While it sounds like a fun experiment to go back to high school as an adult for a few days... think about it. High school?? Again?? For a whole semester?? No way!

Which is why it's pretty insane to me that this 22-year-old duped an entire town and school, pretending to be a 16-year-old, just to play high school basketball again. I know this says a lot about our society and the way we worship athletes, as early as when they are in junior high and sometimes earlier. Sure that is enough to make someone consider doing something like this. But to actually attempt to pull it off? Like no one would notice?

If your goal is to actually have a second chance at stardom and fame and all that comes with it... don't you think you'd be recognized eventually? Still, I'm hoping that's what this was. A silly plan that was just carried out without much thinking involved.

Because the alternative is even more preposterous! Would this guy actually want to just relive high school? Attempting to fly under the radar and not really be noticed just to be a kid again? That sounds more like a nightmare to me. Again, I understand wanting to be adored. But chemistry class? Running laps at practice? Dressing out in gym class? Lunch time? Homeroom? I'm actually pretty sure Dante's version of hell would be different if he were alive writing his Inferno today.

But it's obvious his plan was a lot closer to my first scenario. He was playing AAU, trying to get noticed, trying to become a star. And he got noticed!

My only question for him would be this: Don't you think you could've found a high school that was a little more low-key? If I were going to attempt to illegally attend high school again, I think I would try to pick one that has not been thrown into the national spotlight due to a book, movie, and television show.

Then again, I'm not the brightest either. I had a little trouble with high school calculus. But at least I'll never try to sneak my way in to take it AGAIN!

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