Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Great Blog Swap Shop

As part of the Blog Swap Shop, a great idea started by Saltire at Viva F1, I was picked to write a guest post for the great statistical analysis blog: Making Up the Numbers. At first it seemed overwhelming being given such a in-depth analytical blog to guest on, but I tried to step up to the challenege with a little of North American flair.

So head on over to Gavin's amazing blog and not only check out my guest post, but continue to go back again and again for his great analysis of Formula One racing!

Thanks again Gavin for the opportunity, it pushed me to a new level that I hope to continue on GBS!

(I'm thinking we can replicate this idea in good ole North America)

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I loved your post over at Gavin's blog, especially as stats are not what you usually do. I think that was the ultimate compliment.

Glad you enjoyed the swap shop and if you do a North American version I'm sure a few of us will want to join in.