Sunday, August 22, 2010

IZOD Continuing to Create an Aura for IndyCar

I intend to do a piece on the growth and promotion and decline of racing series against each other, namely NASCAR vs. IndyCar. but before then here is an early example of why IZOD is the PERFECT partner for IndyCar. Not only are the Race to the Party promotions (and parties) introducing it the series to new people and as a fun event you want to be at, but its putting it in a higher social class. Say what you will about Playboy, but it is a common known worldwide brand now which includes recognized social status through TV shows, magazines and simply its logo, which is why this photoshoot of IZOD's trophy girl and another model in IndyCar apparel and on Firestone Firehaek tires is a perfect way to get the series more notice to the exact demographic the series could use as new fans.

While it is Playboy, no worries this video has no nudity, though it may not be safe to play if your wife or girlfriend is sitting next to you. Just say you wanted to see them Firestone Firehawks up close.

Again debate on what you think about Playboy, but there is no debating that the front page of hits a few million eyeballs.

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