Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time Again For American Sports' Annual Display of Discrimination

Its generally been almost a yearly occurrence for us to write articles showing just how stupid the BCS is, or how a playoff would generate more total revenue or better matchups, or how the current system is not a playoff every week, how human rankings are majorly flawed, how most importantly its totally feasible to have a playoff (especially considering all the other divisions of NCAA have them).

In fact that was the very first thing we talked about when we launched this site... But for once, I think I'm going to refrain from it this year... or at least today as my alma mater kicks off the first 2010 NCAA Division I football game tonight against Steve Spurrier's wacky "I don't know who I want to play at quarterback" plan. But I'm not refraining because I'm tired of saying it, its simply because PlayoffPAC has summed up the monetary (legal court) aspect in a great 4 minute video, that you really should watch and forward along to anyone who thinks the current system is ok:


mshedden said...

I think the video shows the flaw with the money more than system. The old system most likely gave non-aq schools less of chance to make money. But more importantly it miss the point that growth of the brand isn't just the BCS games but the fact that most people on every Saturday want to watch Notre Dame, the Big Ten match-ups, SEC, etc. on national TV then Boise State play the rest of their conference. Again attendance in the video is only factored for BCS games when it doesn't factor in season long attendance for BCS schools vs. non-BCS schools.
So I actually we wish we could go back to the Rose Bowl always being Pac-10 Big 10 but I am not sure this video is a solid representation of the BCS's case. I still don't like the idea of a playoff but then again I am not the biggest college football fan in the world so what do I know.

Allen Wedge said...

hey mshedden, you have a great point in that the video is all about the money and not the fair play for athletes (which is something we have covered here a lot).

I see what you are saying about regular season attendance as far as money goes. The only issue however is that the BCS claims to crown the champion of Division I football, but doesn't allow all teams to participate.

Honestly I have no issue going back to the old bowl system so long as along with it no one is allowed to be called the national champion.

For me it is more about fair play, and claiming anyone that is champion when other teams aren't allowed. Why wouldn't you want a playoff? It would only make MORE money and grow the sport by including more people.

mshedden said...

I think I am anti-playoff because it just makes collegiate athletics more of spectacle then they should be. I am lame purist. For instance this summer I went to a bunch of West Coast Summer League baseball games and just found it be a remarkably different and more enjoyable experience then the hoopla, marketing, over addicted fans, than is pro sports (and college football is not far from this level). But there is most likely no going back to what I experienced in the WCL. I don't think college football is at the level where it needs growth and if they do go to a playoff (and it makes more money) I think they should start paying the players to some extent (not a salary but a consistent stipend, that maybe is only accessible after graduation). Not because I think the players deserve money but because if universities and organizers are going to get rich at least the people putting their bodies on the line should get some payoff. I know they get an education (although it is unclear to what extent) but some athletes aren't on scholarship and the expectation from boosters and the school is that they are athletes more than scholars.